I understand the road leading to Election Day will be long and hard. But with your support, the Citizens of Potter County can begin to regain their voice. For too long now, our elected officials have made a series of crucial decisions without our consent. As Potter County Attorney, I will work for you. I invite everyone of you to become involved. Use your vote as your voice and let’s make these important decisions together. Right now the Potter County Attorney is supporting a commission and judge as they sink this county deeper and deeper into debt.

Reform does not happen overnight but hard work makes changes happen. I have a three phase plan that affects every Potter County Citizen. This cannot happen without your vote.

Throughout my campaign I will unveil my plan to use a system that has worked, but has been abandoned. My three pronged strategy will be unveiled here. This campaign will be a representation of who I am and the values I believe we all stand for.


As your County Attorney, I will immediately take steps to stop wasteful spending by creating a pretrial release system, diversion of non-violent ticket offenses, remove mentally ill people from jail, and stop wasteful spending of your tax-payer money.

Without your support Potter County can not change and will continue its current course. I seek your support and hope to earn your vote leading up to Election Day on March 6th 2018.

Thank You,
Len Walker