The Results Are In

What a night… What a campaign.

By now, as you all know the results are in and I was handed a loss.  I’d like to congratulate Scott Brumley on his win.  I’d also like to thank all of my supporters. This was a long hard fought battle.  I will always stand by my decision to run for Potter County Attorney.  Of course I’m not happy with the results but I respect the results.  My goal was and alway will be for us to grow together and build a better future for our children.

For all of you who voted for me, Thank You.  This was and always will be a time in my life that I’ll never forget.   I hope that together we can make Potter County a shining star and from here on out take a deeper look at the decisons our elected officials making.  We all have a voice, Let’s Use it.

Good Night and Sleep Tight,

– Len Walker

The Night Before Election

It’s Monday night and the minutes are slowly creeping by.

By this time tomorrow, the polls will have been closed for quite some time and all those people who’re responsible for all those ballots will be looking at their watches, wondering when they can go home.  There’s no doubt it’ll go down as one of the longest days of my life.   It’s been quite a journey and from the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and support.  My deepest thanks of course are for my family who’ve both physically and mentally helped me along the way.

Early voting numbers are in but of course tomorrow Potter County will decide either to move forward or continue on with what we have now.  Deep down I believe this campaign proved exactly what it had set out to do from the beginning.  I’m  ready to answer the call and put all of my words into action.  As I settle in for the night, I look back and I can’t help but smile because I know I’m doing this for a place I call home.

Goodnight Everybody,

– Len Walker


To My Potter County Democrat Friends

As you might expect, I am paying a lot more attention than usual to all of the races, and from that, I hope to persuade you with a short argument. I am certainly not writing this to offend anyone.

It is a fact that the primaries determine our local politics. I argue that local voting efforts to make a real difference are more important than a symbolic vote on a national level. You hold that power.

A win for me, Vince Nowak, and Steve Denny will bring about actual change that will be felt by people you know in the criminal courts. These races will impact your taxes and how your local government treats Potter County citizens, such as whether the commissioners will allow you to vote on projects and debt that affects us all.

Many of you are solid Bernie fans. Here’s the deal, Hillary has the nomination tied up. Her use of the “Super Delegates” has made the primary race moot, its done. You have already seen this from previous state primaries.

Let’s clear up some confusion on how this would work. First and foremost, if you ask for a republican ballot on Tuesday, that DOES NOT make you a republican. In the fall, you can still vote democratic, straight ticket, or pick and choose. Texas is an “open primary” state. You must reject all rumors that a capital “R” will be tattooed on your forehead. That practice was condemned and forbidden as a matter of law 10 or 12 years back.

I am asking for your vote on Tuesday in the Potter County Attorney Race. We have tremendous support from traditional republican voters, but your vote is every bit as important. Our campaign has put together a very wide coalition of different groups, and I have not wanted to exclude anyone. We are in this together, regardless of party.

I am just grateful that we are voting. If my argument has not convinced you to vote Republican this one time, I nonetheless respect your decision and choice.

Thank You,

Len Walker
for Potter County Attorney

It’s Finally Friday

I think it’s safe to say this day is in the books.  Time to take a deep breath and look back at the week.  I have to believe my time was well spent.  As the Campaign moves into it’s final days the tension is building.  Its hard to say which way voters are casting their ballots, early numbers are solid but of course Tuesday is the day we will all find out the verdict.

Earlier today I voted at the Santa Fe building and it went fairly quick.  As we settle into this weekend I hope everyone who’s eligible to vote and has yet to marks their calendars.  As always, thank you to all my supporters.  Please enjoy your weekend and please be safe.

We will be having an Election Results Watch Party Tuesday Night, I’ll give everyone more details as soon as I get them.  I’m not about to ask my wife to lift another finger…. Happy Wife, Happy Life!!

Goodnight and Rest Well,

– Len Walker

The Gloves are Coming Off

It’s Finally Friday!!!   Tomorrow

So, it’s been an interesting day.  I hope everyone out there had a good one.  Remember, it can always be worse, and while the grass is always greener on the other side, you always have to count your blessings.  Before I move forward, I want all of you to tune in Sunday (2/28/16) to Channel 4.  Earlier today I was invited to speak with Kelly James about my campaign, my solutions for Potter County, and my views on Scott Brumley.  It’ll air on Channel 4, Sunday after Meet the Press.

Now then, if you read my post yesterday you’ll know that Scott Brumley and his wife are using Facebook to try and dissuade voters from voting for me.  Now I’ve been told that Brumley will make an appearance on Channel 7.  It’s good to see him finally come to life, and I truly don’t mean to be sarcastic, it’s just a shame to see this passion come out of him now that I’m trying to take his job.  If he’d done the job he was supposed to be doing all these years I wouldn’t be running for Potter County Attorney and more importantly our county wouldn’t be in it’s current state.

Let’s not lose our focus here, let’s not continue to walk the same road.  We can help shape a better future for our family.  We don’t have to settle for this instability and lack of leadership.  Potter County can be re-shaped and brought back to life.  Scott Brumley is grasping for straws.  He stopped caring a long time ago.  Walk away with some grace Scott.

– Len Walker

Let’s Clear The Air

The main topic for today’s “Daily Blog” entry was going to be about how stress and fatigue have become so persistent.  Who knew?   After all, I’ve dived deep, very deep, in a submarine, heard the hull creak and moan.  Back in the day, I got picked up in a tornado. I’ve prosecuted first degree murderers and once did a two-week long jury trial in federal court, before Judge Robinson, alone. Even so, I had no idea how grueling an Election Campaign could be.

Instead of discussing how proud I am of my family for stepping up, I have to address some very disturbing behavior that cropped up in the last two days.  It seems the Brumley’s may have simply cracked. Kim Brumley has published slanderous and insidious accusations against another candidate, (and allowed them to stay up).  She has also come at me with spurious unfounded claims.  Her husband has to know what she has done, but then, he has also been busy mischaracterizing me.  I’ve decided that Facebook is not the place to get in the mud with them.  There are better forums and proper channels to address their highly questionable accusations and activities.  Of course, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Scott Brumley considers himself an expert in ethics, rather ironic.

Ultimately, the voters will decide whether they will tolerate the Brumley’s behavior.  To that end, I certainly do ask that this information be posted and shared, far and wide.  Let the voters see for themselves what the Brumley’s have said.

Right now, it is far more important that the citizens of Potter County know:

  1. I will faithfully enforce the laws of the State of Texas, no exceptions,
  2. I will seek fair dispositions that address society’s concerns,
  3. I will never embarrass you, and
  4. I will never construct nor fabricate lies for personal gain.

On this, you have my word.

– Len Walker

7 Days to Go

We have exactly 7 Days to Go until the Decision.

I hope everyones having a good Tuesday.  Who would have thought that we’d be getting some snow today but hey there you go.  Please don’t forget, early voting is still going on.  Here’s a map of where you can go.  If you don’t think you can make it out just give us a call we have plenty of volunteers that will make the drive to pick you up.It’s crunch time and as we move forward we’re doing everything we can to spread the word.

Plans for a watch Party are still in motion so please start marking your calendars. We want all of you to come out and help Support this Campaign.

Thank You and Please be Careful out There,

– Len Walker

Less Than 8 Days

With less than 8 days to go until Potter County heads to the polls the pressure is mounting.  We spent the weekend trying to catch up on some much needed rest but it sure wasn’t long lived.

I hope everyone had a good Monday.  As always our weather has me confused. I didn’t realize snow was predicted until I’d already left home without a heavy coat.  Such is life I Suppose.  I know there’s not much we can do about the weather and how unpredictable it can be, but I do know we can change some things.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, running for Potter County Attorney is one of the biggest decisions of my life and I’m doing it because I hate the way things are being run.  My opponent needs to go.  So with less than 8 days to go I hope and pray everyone who can vote makes the right decision.

Please stay warm tonight… and more importantly don’t forget to vote.

– Len Walker

11 Days Left

I hope everyone’s having a great Friday… I know I am.

It’s hard to believe but in 11 Days Potter County will decide.  I have to admit at times the anticipation can get the best of me.  Thursday night all of the incumbents and candidates running for office spoke at the PBS Forum.  That airs on Sunday and I’d definitely invite everyone to use their DVR’s.  I’ll let everyone build their own opinions but as I walked out of that studio I felt confident that I delivered my message.

Because my opponent and I are essentially competing, a lot of people ask me about my interactions with my Scott Brumley when the cameras aren’t rolling.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I’m sure Scott is a nice guy with a wonderful family.  But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we’re at a function together like the PBS Forum, we don’t speak to one another.  I’m trying to take his job and he’s trying to keep it.  So, yea we don’t talk about the weather or our children.  Does that bother me? NO.  Why? Because this is not a popularity contest.  I don’t think he’s doing his job and he needs to be removed.

I know that’s very cut and dry but that’s the reality of this situation.

Good Friday Everyone…

Be careful and have fun.

– Len Walker

A Race to the Finish

It’s day two of early voting and we couldn’t ask for better weather.  As I sit here thinking about the campaign, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve covered all my bases.  Unfortunately I don’t think everybody that can vote in this election, will.  We all know this is a big problem but I’d like to believe that everybody involved in my campaign is doing as much as possible to change that!  That might be a bit naive but I think Potter County Voters are opening their eyes.  That’s all I can hope for.

I know voters are being flooded with information and that can be overwhelming so if you or anybody you know want to learn more about what I bring to the table please look around the website.  And if you don’t like reading, you can watch this interview I just did with the Amarillo Globe News, or feel free to stop by the office anytime.

An informed voter is a smart voter.

As always, thank you for your support.

– Len Walker