Meet Len Walker


Get to know the man behind the movement, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for Potter County!

For far too long now the Potter County Attorney has either stood by or helped endorse ideas that are costing tax payers millions in losses. This can’t continue.



My plan will take time. These changes can’t happen overnight but I will work for your vote and I will work for you once I’m elected to office.

Potter County is in turmoil and it’s current elected officials are part of the problem. There’s still time to right the ship and I believe I have the experience and determination to get the job done.



After the Navy, I worked in Washington D.C. revising submarine quality assurance programs and eventually moved back to Amarillo to finish my degree in business at W.T.  After that, I was finally able to attend law school at University of Tulsa College of Law, my life long dream.  I graduated in 1993 and was admitted to practice law in New Mexico, the federal courts in 1994, and then Texas in 1995.



I have been a lawyer for more than twenty years now, practicing both civil and criminal law in Texas, New Mexico, and Federal Courts. I have fulfilled the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney.  My cases have spanned the extremes from complex federal cases, to traffic tickets, simple divorce, up to first-degree murder.

Personal Life


Who I Am

I think it’s fair that you all know about me before casting your vote.

I’m 54 years old and was raised in Amarillo.

As a young man, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served six years active duty in the Submarine Service.  I completed eight deterrent patrols aboard the U.S.S. Simon Bolivar, SSBN 641.  This incredible experience built my character and taught me about discipline, organization, and teamwork. I was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1985.  I then served as an active reservist.

My wife Tracey and I raised two great kids, and we are still together 26 years later.  Like most people, my kids are everything to me.  They are the future.  I taught them self-respect, discipline and to respect the rights of others.  They have not disappointed either of us.  I was also very proud of them when they encouraged and supported me in the decision to retake my birth name of Walker.  We did it as a family.  The adoption that was imposed upon me as a young child was a terrible mistake, but as a family, we re-established our Walker name and its heritage. 

During these last twenty years, I have been truly blessed with work and family.  I never thought about running for office, but this summer, I began to see what was going on with our county.   It became clear that career politicians and functionaries were taxing and indebting us to the breaking point for the sake of pointless building projects.  Then, adding insult upon injury, the county politicians decided to prevent us from even voting on these extreme expenditures.  Instead, Scott Brumley, the current county attorney, and the commissioners have decided to utilize credit cards called “Certificates of Financial Obligation.”  I decided that something had to be done.  

I got involved in politics for the first time in my life when I urged my colleague Vince Nowak to run for Potter County Attorney.   When Vince decided to run for County Commissioner, he asked me to launch this campaign for Potter County Attorney.  After talking to my family and thinking it over, I said “Yes!”  Together, we will truly make a difference for all of Potter County.

After getting into this campaign and listening to the voters, I can tell you that the people of Potter County want a better efficient government that doesn’t plan to keep raising taxes forever.  I’ll bet that is what you demand as well.  I know it’s the kind of government we all deserve.

Thank you for your time.  I hope you will support my campaign and cast your vote for me. Together, we can stop wasteful taxing and spending.

If you have any questions about what I’ve said here, give me a call. 


Len Walker