To My Potter County Democrat Friends

As you might expect, I am paying a lot more attention than usual to all of the races, and from that, I hope to persuade you with a short argument. I am certainly not writing this to offend anyone.

It is a fact that the primaries determine our local politics. I argue that local voting efforts to make a real difference are more important than a symbolic vote on a national level. You hold that power.

A win for me, Vince Nowak, and Steve Denny will bring about actual change that will be felt by people you know in the criminal courts. These races will impact your taxes and how your local government treats Potter County citizens, such as whether the commissioners will allow you to vote on projects and debt that affects us all.

Many of you are solid Bernie fans. Here’s the deal, Hillary has the nomination tied up. Her use of the “Super Delegates” has made the primary race moot, its done. You have already seen this from previous state primaries.

Let’s clear up some confusion on how this would work. First and foremost, if you ask for a republican ballot on Tuesday, that DOES NOT make you a republican. In the fall, you can still vote democratic, straight ticket, or pick and choose. Texas is an “open primary” state. You must reject all rumors that a capital “R” will be tattooed on your forehead. That practice was condemned and forbidden as a matter of law 10 or 12 years back.

I am asking for your vote on Tuesday in the Potter County Attorney Race. We have tremendous support from traditional republican voters, but your vote is every bit as important. Our campaign has put together a very wide coalition of different groups, and I have not wanted to exclude anyone. We are in this together, regardless of party.

I am just grateful that we are voting. If my argument has not convinced you to vote Republican this one time, I nonetheless respect your decision and choice.

Thank You,

Len Walker
for Potter County Attorney