The Gloves are Coming Off

It’s Finally Friday!!!   Tomorrow

So, it’s been an interesting day.  I hope everyone out there had a good one.  Remember, it can always be worse, and while the grass is always greener on the other side, you always have to count your blessings.  Before I move forward, I want all of you to tune in Sunday (2/28/16) to Channel 4.  Earlier today I was invited to speak with Kelly James about my campaign, my solutions for Potter County, and my views on Scott Brumley.  It’ll air on Channel 4, Sunday after Meet the Press.

Now then, if you read my post yesterday you’ll know that Scott Brumley and his wife are using Facebook to try and dissuade voters from voting for me.  Now I’ve been told that Brumley will make an appearance on Channel 7.  It’s good to see him finally come to life, and I truly don’t mean to be sarcastic, it’s just a shame to see this passion come out of him now that I’m trying to take his job.  If he’d done the job he was supposed to be doing all these years I wouldn’t be running for Potter County Attorney and more importantly our county wouldn’t be in it’s current state.

Let’s not lose our focus here, let’s not continue to walk the same road.  We can help shape a better future for our family.  We don’t have to settle for this instability and lack of leadership.  Potter County can be re-shaped and brought back to life.  Scott Brumley is grasping for straws.  He stopped caring a long time ago.  Walk away with some grace Scott.

– Len Walker