Let’s Clear The Air

The main topic for today’s “Daily Blog” entry was going to be about how stress and fatigue have become so persistent.  Who knew?   After all, I’ve dived deep, very deep, in a submarine, heard the hull creak and moan.  Back in the day, I got picked up in a tornado. I’ve prosecuted first degree murderers and once did a two-week long jury trial in federal court, before Judge Robinson, alone. Even so, I had no idea how grueling an Election Campaign could be.

Instead of discussing how proud I am of my family for stepping up, I have to address some very disturbing behavior that cropped up in the last two days.  It seems the Brumley’s may have simply cracked. Kim Brumley has published slanderous and insidious accusations against another candidate, (and allowed them to stay up).  She has also come at me with spurious unfounded claims.  Her husband has to know what she has done, but then, he has also been busy mischaracterizing me.  I’ve decided that Facebook is not the place to get in the mud with them.  There are better forums and proper channels to address their highly questionable accusations and activities.  Of course, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Scott Brumley considers himself an expert in ethics, rather ironic.

Ultimately, the voters will decide whether they will tolerate the Brumley’s behavior.  To that end, I certainly do ask that this information be posted and shared, far and wide.  Let the voters see for themselves what the Brumley’s have said.

Right now, it is far more important that the citizens of Potter County know:

  1. I will faithfully enforce the laws of the State of Texas, no exceptions,
  2. I will seek fair dispositions that address society’s concerns,
  3. I will never embarrass you, and
  4. I will never construct nor fabricate lies for personal gain.

On this, you have my word.

– Len Walker