Month: December 2015

Christmas Message & Wish

When my family and I jumped into this new world of elections, we all agreed on a few basic ideas.  With the primary moved back to March 1st, the election season really got shortened.  It is tempting to just plow right through without even thinking about the holidays.  However, that is not who we are…

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Len Walker for Potter County Attorney: Official Announcement

I am running for Potter County Attorney. This is who I am, why I am running, and where I stand. My Background I was raised in Amarillo and served in the U.S. Submarine Service for six years followed by active reserves, honorably discharged from both. After the Navy, I worked in Washington D.C. to revise…

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Scott Brumley: A Major Problem

Brumley is a twenty-year bureaucrat and ten-year professional politician. He has never opposed tax hikes. He supports them. He has never opposed irresponsible spending or borrowing. In fact, he has done nothing but help spend money. His latest? Rather than give the citizens a vote on massive new expenditures, Brumley supported the commission’s action to…

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